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Throughout his career, comedian Stephen Sorrentino has brought audiences to
hysterics with his quick-witted humor, incredible singing voice and spot-on mimicry. 
Sorrentino is a true showman well known as a comedian, singer and impressionist,
all rolled into one. Hailed by Variety for his
“hilarious, show stealing gusto,” Sorrentino has shared the stage with
superstars such as Patti LaBelle, Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey and the legendary
Debbie Reynolds. As a 3rd generations showbusiness professional, this Long Island
native always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music
and theatre, learning to play piano, sax, flute and guitar at a young age. Stephen first
stepped on stage at the age of 5 by introducing his grandfather and singing an irish
duet with him.  By the sixth grade, he was doing ​mock “Tonight Shows,” where a friend
would play Johnny Carson and the young Sorrentino would portray all the other guest stars on the show.
During high school and college, Sorrentino was involved in musical theatre and, began musical composition, eventually landing a publishing deal with famous Music /Paramount, signing recording contracts.
It was at Paramount that he realized that his cousin was “The Boss” himself: Bruce Springsteen. After a subsequent record release, Sorrentino formed a ground breaking tribute act, eventually touring 25 countries and 43 states, performing for Disney, Dick Clark and Legends in Concert, and making him the # 1 Elton John impersonator in the world.

While performing in Atlantic City, Sorrentino was cast in his first of 21 film roles, as a Mafia boss/drag queen in the cult hit comedy, Homo Heights (a comedy),  also stars literary and film icon, Quentin Crisp and actress lea Delaria (Orange is the new Black) Following the film, he studied  at The Second City, with Martin de Maat, one of the most respected teachers of improvisational theatre. Since then, Sorrentino has starred in a number of award-winning independent films for Showtime, sitcoms for FOX and NBC and appearances on “America’s Most Wanted,” “7 Days” and “The Jimmy Kimmel Show.” After several appearances on “Hollywood Squares,” dozens of radio and TV talk shows and more than 50 TV commercials, Sorrentino decided it was time to create his own show, Voices in My Head. Voices features 14-cast members and has toured the United States,  enjoyed successful runs at the Riviera and Paris hotels in Las Vegas, as well as Atlantic City’s Tropicana, receiving rave reviews in every venue. Sorrentino has also appeared in the History Channel’s “Only In America,” with Larry The Cable Guy, and toured Europe to sold-out houses for 6 straight months.

Sorrentino has received the distinguished honor of being named “Male Impressionist of the Year” by the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Acts (IGCITA), for three years in a row and won Best Actor in the 48-hour film competition for "The Industry".
Most Recently, Sorrentino has broadened his horizons to go back to
his roots in musical theater and included a 2 month run as Mr. Bumble
in the Musical OLIVER and playing 5 roles in a production of ANNIE with
  "All in the family "star Sally Struthers.
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