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From directing and producing to starring in award winning films such as

Sunny the Heat, Stephen Sorrentino is an Actor, Director, Writer, Composer and Producer and winner of over 100 film awards thought the world. 

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Executive Producer, Director, Producer, Writer, Cast: "Tony K."
Las Vegas

Liar's Limo

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We are a  🔑  turnkey  production!!
Ready for immediate network adoption!


We're all set for an electrifying show - everything's ready to go! with a fully-equipped tricked out state of the art limo, multiple casinos, showgirls, celebrity performers, eager contestants, engaged live audiences, dynamic hosts, and roulette wheels at our disposal!

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Detective Kiwi
(Post Production)

Director, Producer, Music Composer, Cast: "Greg"

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A Rich Christmas.jpg

Stephen Sorrentino plays Henley the English Butler

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Executive Producer, Musician, Cast: "Sunny The Heat"

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Director, Producer, Writer, Cast: Himself

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Executive Producer, Director, Cast: Himself
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Homo Heights.jpg
Starring Quentin Crisp, Lea Delaria and Stephen Sorrentino
(as Maria Callus)
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