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Reality Show:

The Tribute King


“THE TRIBUTE KING” : LAS VEGAS : The king of celebrity impersonators turns producer and manufactures the planet's best tribute artists to fill the incredible demand for his tribute based production shows around the world.


“DANCE MOMS” meets “THE REAL WORLD” with a “SURVIVOR” sensibility and an “AMERICA'S GOT TALENT” audience participation season finale and climax.

The daily look into the life of type "A" personality  Stephen Sorrentino, who is an actor, comedian, musician impressionist and was the world’s greatest Elton John tribute artist for a solid decade as he and his team of professionals turn individuals with basic skills into the world’s greatest tribute performers.....or not.

Stephen and his team at Even Stephen Productions passes on the art of showmanship, singing and musicality to his up-and-coming stars. No one does it better than Stephen and the challenge is to keep up with him and his DEMAND for perfection on stage. Stephen's diversity runs from performing and producing golden age stars such as Debbie Reynolds to the newest Lady GaGa or Bruno Mars Impersonators. Some crack under the pressure, some rise to stardom.



























1st see what Stephen does onstage in his LAS VEGAS SHOW                       Now see the SIZZLE REEL 




























THE WORLD HAS A BACK STAGE PASS to what it is like to create tribute artists from the ground up and what it is like to produce, light, stage, choreograph, travel and be a part of the mysterious world of REAL SHOWBUSINESS....executed by unreal artists.....



The Cast/Staff includes

STEPHEN SORRENTINO: Producer/ Director/ Singer/ Comedian, Actor and Mentor. Once the #1 Elton John Impersonator World Wide, he is impatient and sole owner of Even Stephen Productions-Las Vegas. His style is typical New York meets Las Vegas. He is both father figure and task master to his staff and casts.

 He is often without patience and has no room for excuses and bullshit. Lovable but serious about his product and brand.

Stephen is also a an acclaimed LIFE COACH, CAREER COACH AND MENTOR.



CYNTHIA: Even Stephen Productions choreographer and show director. She is a hard edged but beautiful no nonsense LA girl who installs shows around the world for Sorrentino. She also has a PHD in Psychology and is an active doctor working with the mentally challenged in Las Vegas.

This comes in Handy with working with the many Wack-O's that they deal with each day.



MARCY: Assistant choreographer and go-go dancer by night. She is bold, ballsy and outspoken and takes "no shit" from anyone.



KENNY: Drag Queen and King/Queen of show make up and stage contour. Kenny is the #1 Dolly Parton and Madonna in the world currently working on the strip.



JOEY: (BLAZE MJ 24) a young naive skinny white boy from South Carolina and one of the best dancers in the USA period!. Joey’s voice needs work big time buy wants it bad. He is 23 going on 12 and sees Sorrentino as both a father figure and manager. Joey is in love with the dream of being MICHAEL but doesn’t get the fact that it is more than the costume and the wig. His relationship with Sorrentino runs very emotional because Joey has nowhere to live and stays at the mansion full time. His southern accent gets in the way constantly. He is charming, childlike but a bit off center but loveable.



ISAIAH: (ICE 28) MICHAEL JACKSON IMPRSONATOR is Sorrentino’s first triumph and rags to riches discovery. ICE, thanks to the Even Stephen team has now starred in "MICHAEL" in Asia, South America and across the USA. He is even tempered and sweet. He is another “son” of Stephen Sorrentino and helps with the madness and training movement and dance to the performers.



DERICK: (32) #1 Britney in the world...and is a Man! He sings, dances and "IS" Britney. Derrick helps connect with the entertainers on their level when things get tough and is in big demand..



12 Currently working or training performers impersonating as ALICE COOPER, MICHAEL JACKSON, LADY GAGA, CELINE DION, CHER, MICHAEL BUBLE', WILLIE NELSON, TIM MC GRAW, FAITH HILL, OZZY OSBOURNE and of course ELVIS PRESLEY....all part of the EVEN STEPHEN camp.





Live Performance


"EVEN STEPHEN" being branded as the #1 Tribute production company in the world will generate an incredible amount of income for live concert performances.

We have structured plans to expand the brand upon the completion of season 1 to a live show on the Las Vegas Strip (Already Negotiated) plus 5 touring companies through current  partner companies such as Pinnacle Gaming, Stations Casinos, Tropicana Gaming and Harrah's Hotel and Casinos as well as expansion of the current Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruise lines.


With the added press, the touring companies of the EVEN STEPHEN shows featuring the stars of the series it is feasable to expect a $5M to $7M live show revenue.




Music clearances and international use of music  is in place. To keep costs and licencing down to a bare minimum, Stephen Sorrentino and Even Stephen Music publishing  will  compose and produce  "similar" or "sound alike" songs for the artists to perform on the series. Sorrentino, a former writer with famous Music and Paramount, along with his musical team will supply and license the songs to the producers at a fraction of the cost of the original and might possibly generate new releases or even HITS!


Hear a sample  of Michael Jackson "type" music created by Even Stephen.
















Possible Spin off shows


**TV COMPETITION SHOW: With the popularity of the show on an international level, a "talent search" series can be generated as a second show


This would originate as a television series and also continue on with live shows and concerts in South America, Europe and Asia.

**TV GAME SHOW: LIAR'S LIMO is a pilot show that was filmed not long ago and produced, directed and hosted by Sorrentino.  With Stephen's connections to the Las Vegas Bureau of Tourism and  a number of casino companies on the strip, 2 game show episodes were released onto Vegas television and then on to a number of Asian markets 2010 and were A HIT! (see distribution and markets on the website)


See a sizzle reel on right or see full episodes by clicking below





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