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Stephen Sorrentino’s on stage persona is bigger than life. He is a quick witted, likable, dynamic and multi-faceted ball of comedic talent!



Along with his great talent for story telling and stand up comedy, audiences are amazed at his master ability at Pantomime and performance on Guitar, Piano and Fluteis

His act includes segments of stand up, prop comedy, musical tributes, celebrity impressions and a killer voice all executed by a distinctive unique and likable personality.   “This is a one man variety show”




“Sorrentino grabs the audiences attention and never lets go!”  -Lorraine Zenka – E-Vegas

Whether Sorrentino is onstage as a solo performer of in a full production mode, his

performances always suitable for audiences of all ages. There is no doubt as to why Stephen

Sorrentino was named “Male Entertainer of the Year” 3 times in Las Vegas!  The video says it all……won the title

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